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("Beckyzote® Argan Oil of Morocco, is a rich source of Vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin and hair. It moisturizes the skin and gives a healthy glow without an oily feel. It has antioxidant and anti-Inflammatory properties, and is known to promote healthy hair growth. Safe for babies.")BECKYZOTE®

Argan Oil hi Vitamin E tamna niin sam leh vun tana tinreng oil anti mai thin. Oil ni mahse a pan a, a nem avang hian vun kua ati phui loa vun tana thu lawmawm thlentu ani. Mawm beh tûk silo in Vun ati hnûm hlarh ani. Nisa em chhiat vun ten an ngaih emem bawk. 

Taksa pumpui ah a in chulh/hnawih theih .

Chhip atanga ke ler thlengin ahnawih theih a, sam than chak nan te, sam tla lutuk tur ven nan te, sam hrisel nan hrim hrima puitu pawimawh leh langsar tak ani. 

Naute/Naupang tan pawha him tura ngaih ani. Naupai tana him tura ngaih ani bawk.(Amaherawh chu hman hmain in Doctor theuhte in rawn hmasa dawn nia).

Quantity : 50 ml

Country of Origin : Mizoram, India (Land of the Hills)

Pure Argan Oil

Apply morning and evening on cleansed skin or hair. Can be used as body oil. Face Oil. Hair Oil. 

Do not apply on injured skin. Taksa pem(thichhuak pem/injured) ah hnawih loh tur. 

Apply the product to a test spot (on your wrist/behind your ears) twice daily for 24-48 hours or up to 10 days before use. If you develop a skin reaction, gently wash the product off immediately , and don’t use it again. 

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